April 24, 2019

Endemic Bird Day 2019- Quiz 3

We are glad to announce that 27 respondents out of 45 were able to give the correct answer to Bird Quiz 2.

Congratulations to Yogesh Parashar, Chetna Sharma, Amitayu Dey, Dhyey Shah, Regin Ross, Pradnyavant Mane, Viral joshi, Subhadra Devi, Harshjeet Singh Bal, Mahathi Narayanaswamy , Selvaganesh K, Maxim Rodrigues K, Nimish Anil, Pravar mourya, Bhagyashree kulkarni , Amber Okas, Aditya Nayak, Krishna Murthy, Steffin Babu, Sheena S, Biswajit Chakdar, Ajay Gadikar, Neel Gadikar, Swetashree Purohit , Shaurya Rahul Narlanka, Vidhya Sundar  and an Anonymous response!

Few more days and few more quizzes left before the main event Endemic Bird Day 2019

Before we move to quiz 3, let us have a look at the answer to quiz 2 first.

Answer to Bird Quiz 2 

The arboreal bird is none other than the cryptic Indian Spotted Creeper!  Its plumage consists of complex amalgamation of brown, black, white bars and spots which helps in camouflage on fissured tree trunks. With its stout body, short-squarish tail and long- curved beak, it is often seen inching vertically up the tree trunks foraging for invertebrates.

We would like to thank Dr. Dharmendra Khandal from Tiger Watch, Ranthambhore, for letting us share the habitat photographs in the previous post 

Are you ready for the 3rd quiz? So put your thinking caps on and let’s see how good you are at bird songs. The range maps and graphs are sourced from  eBird India and the song recording is from xeno-canto.

Range Map







    1. Golden -yellow-orange wing panel and outer tail feathers; face has black and white markings; underparts- olive-brown and plain
    2. Very secretive but noisy while feeding in undergrowth in Himalayas.
    3. Song: Make sure the speaker on your computer is at the maximum 😊
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Quiz 3 has ended. You can see the answer and the next question here.

Banner photo of Jungle Bush-Quail Perdicula asiatica by Adithya Bhat/ Macaulay Library/ Checklist from this checklist


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