August 15, 2015

eBird India portal launched

Banner and main menu of the eBird India portal

Banner and main menu of the eBird India portal

We are very happy to announce the launch of the eBird India portal today. More and more birders from India are using eBird to maintain their bird sightings and to run local or regional projects. But until now, the content available on the eBird site has not been customized for an Indian audience.

Luckily, eBird has a way to create regional portals that can be managed by regional partners. There are a large number of such portals already, and Bird Count India is proud to now bring you an India portal to join them!

The India portal will carry news and features about eBirding in India, and also has a few design tweaks that make it more useful for Indian birders. For these reasons, we encourage Indian birders to use as the landing page for eBird from now on. And do subscribe to updates via email or RSS to stay informed about the latest on the portal.

The Bird Count India website will continue to exist. Bird Count India has a larger mandate to encourage listing and monitoring of birds in order that we collectively get a better idea of bird distribution, abundance, and change. So these larger efforts will continue to be featured on the Bird Count India site; while the eBird India portal will focus more narrowly on eBird-specific items. There will, of course, be a fair amount of cross-talk and linking between the sites since the two efforts complement each other!

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