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Endemic Bird Day 2017 is scheduled for 13 May 2017 and just as last year, there is a series of short quizzes to be answered in the run up to the main event. Here’s the first quiz: Based on the three clues given below, can you guess which subcontinental endemic is being referred to? (Note: The slideshow requires javascript to… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Quiz 1

It’s May and with most of the winter migrants back in their breeding grounds, it is the best time to focus on birds resident in the country. As every year, Endemic Bird Day 2017 is all about celebrating and documenting the birds endemic to the Indian subcontinent. The Endemic Bird Day coincides with the Global Bird Day, but in India, this time… read more »

Endemic Bird Day 2017

We are delighted to announce a new kind of birding challenge this month — to fill birding gaps. The understanding of Indian avifauna is limited by the lack of knowledge of distribution and seasonality of Indian birds. This is also reflected on eBird, where large parts of India remain under-represented or are completely unbirded! 110 districts have no eBirding data… read more »

November 2016 Gap-filling Challenge

Endemic Bird Day banner
Congratulations to everyone who answered any of the Endemic Bird Day quizzes correctly, and a big thank you to everyone who took part and made the quiz more interesting! The answers to the last quiz of the series are: Species A: Indian Robin Species B: Indian Chat/Brown Rock Chat Congratulations to the following 13 who got these right: Abhijeet Sawant,… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 10

Endemic Bird Day banner
In the run-up to the main event in May – the Endemic Bird Day, the Endemic Bird Quizzes were put up as a series of 10 quizzes about birds endemic to the Indian Subcontinent. Congratulations to the 26 people who got the right answers to Quiz 9: Abhijeet Sawant, Aditya Nayak, Akshay Surendra, Amitayu Dey, Ashwin Mohan, Bikram Grewal, Biswajit Chakdar, Dr Asad… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 9 and Quiz 10

Endemic Bird Day banner
We received 27 correct entries for Quiz 7! The answers, as many of you guessed, were: Species A: White-cheeked Barbet Species B: Brown-headed Barbet   Congratulations to every one who managed the right answers! Abhijeet Sawant, Aditya Nayak, Amitayu Dey, Ankit Vikrant, Ashwin Mohan, Avadhesh Malik, Biswajit Chakdar, Chinmay Rahane, Dr Ravi Rajagopal, Kavi Nanda, Komal Agrawal, Kulbhushansingh, Manjula Ravi,… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 7 and Quiz 8

Endemic Bird Day banner
17 correct answers were received for Quiz 5! The species referred to in the quiz were: Species A: Rufous-vented Prinia (Prinia burnesii) Species B: Swamp Prinia (Prinia cinerascens) The two are sister species which were considered conspecific and clubbed under Prinia burnesii. They are found in low-lying grasslands of the Indus/Gangetic and Brahmaputra floodplains. They are difficult to see in their preferred habitat,… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 6 and Quiz 7

Endemic Bird Day banner
Time flies – we are already on the 4th quiz of the Endemic Bird Quiz series in the run up to the Endemic Bird Day. How did you do in Quiz 3? Well – 33 of you managed to get all 5 species right! The correct answers are: Species A: Rusty-throated Wren-Babbler (aka Mishmi Wren-Babbler) Species B: Tawny-breasted Wren-Babbler Species C:… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 3 and Quiz 4

Endemic Bird Day banner
This is the third quiz in the series of Endemic Bird Quizzes that lead up to the Endemic Bird Day. Time’s up for submissions to Quiz 2 and we are pleased to announce that 27 of you got it right! The bird in question was the Painted Francolin. This subcontinental endemic ranges from its stronghold in central India to the southernmost… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 2 and Quiz 3

Endemic Bird Day banner
Thank you to everyone who tried their luck with Quiz 1 in the run-up to the Endemic Bird Day 2016. 49 of you got it right! As many of you guessed – the bird in question was indeed the delightful looking Vigors’s Sunbird. The Vigors’s Sunbird is the only subcontinental endemic restricted to the northern Western Ghats with a range that extends… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Answer 1 and Quiz 2

Endemic Bird Day banner
The Endemic Bird Day takes place on 14 May 2016. In the run up to the event, we will be posting a quiz every 3 days to see how well you know the birds endemic to the Indian Subcontinent. The bird in question will be endemic to the Indian Subcontinent and, to help you out, we shall give you clues… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Quiz 1

DO YOU LIKE BIRDS AND PEOPLE? APPLY FOR A JOB TO WORK WITH BOTH! The Bird Count India partnership ( seeks applications for the post of Programme Coordinator. The successful applicant will coordinate and conduct a variety of tasks towards the goal of broadening and strengthening bird documentation and monitoring in India through public participation (ie, through citizen science). Specific… read more »

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