July 22, 2017

Bird links 22Jul17

In this new series, we will feature interesting articles about birds from India and around the world. Do write in if you have a suggestion: [email protected]

Much to learn, appreciate and admire about this article on the Beauty and Biology of Egg Colour. And while we’re on the topic of bird eggs, do take a look at this wonderful visualization on Cracking the Mystery of Egg Shape.

Can Ravens plan for the future?

How do we pass on our love for birds to our children?

Common birds are not as common as we think. Draws from the Kerala Bird Atlas project.

River Terns of Bhadra, an illustrated essay on the terns that gather and nest at the Bhadra Reservoir.

New use for data uploaded by birders to eBird: full-hemisphere animations of migration patterns. To begin with, Barn Swallow migration across the Americas.

New tool in eBird: Illustrated Checklists, which include a list of birds, their seasonality and photos and audio from any region or hotspot.

eBird tip: Remember that you can help rate the photos and audio uploaded to eBird by others.


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