Bird Count India

The challenge in March was to bird often, and bird often with other birders! This month, we’d like to change things a bit and see what species we can all record over a period of a month at our favourite patches. As temperatures soar across several parts of the country, you might prefer to sit down in the shade and… read more »

April 2018 eBirding Challenge

Prasad JN is a keen birder and bird educator. He is also amongst those who have contributed valuable historical data about birds to the eBird database. Always learning and always teaching, he is an inspiration to new and experienced birders alike!  Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do? I work from home in Bangalore as… read more »

Birder Profile – Prasad JN

Here is the second in our series of occasional bird links (see earlier post here) – we list some interesting articles from India and around the world. Do write in if you have a suggestion: Ever been confused by changing bird names, definition of species, splitting and lumping of species, and all the controversies behind it? Take a look at… read more »

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