Ramit Singal

GBBC 2018 summary results Campus Bird Count 2018 summary results A large number of birders uploaded lists to the eBird India platform during this year’s GBBC and CBC. This included several regular and experienced birders, birders who organized events and counts in their regions, state coordinators who were instrumental in ensuring the counts went off smoothly and several participants who experienced birdwatching… read more »

GBBC 2018: Stories from the Field

With the winter, the GBBC, and several other events and festivals – February is a month for birding quite unlike any other! Here is the breakup of birding in India in the month of February 2018 (with previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 2,273 (1,476) Number of lists (all types): 31,400 (16,500) Number of observations: 5.1 (3.37 lakh) February… read more »

February 2018 eBirders of the month