Daily Archives: 21 January 2019

We hope you have your binoculars ready, because the Great Backyard Bird Count and the Campus Bird Count are just around the corner! Join this global event from 15th to 18th February to create an annual snapshot of different bird species in India. And through this global event, contribute to an understanding of birds worldwide! It’s simple: go birding for… read more »

Great Backyard Bird Count & Campus Bird Count 2019

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 eBird Yearly Challenge. This year the challenges were a little bit harder than in 2017, but nevertheless an impressive number of birders (minus group accounts) managed to meet the various targets! Of all those who qualified by meeting the target in any particular category, one person (in bold) was chosen… read more »

2018 eBird Yearly Challenge Winners!